"What Once Was Twice" by David Lucht

"What Once Was Twice" by David Lucht

Batik on silk, 24" x 30" $1150
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"On the Way to Red Cloud" by Stefanie Graves

"On the Way to Red Cloud" by Stefanie Graves

Watercolor on paper 14" x 22" $650
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"A Pod Thing Happened" by David Lucht

"A Pod Thing Happened" by David Lucht

Batik on Silk. 20" x 32" $775
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"Amidst the Shallows" by Stefanie Graves

"Amidst the Shallows" by Stefanie Graves

Watercolor on paper 14" x 11"
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Watercolors for Sale

Fine Art Watercolor by Stefanie Graves (more…)...
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Batik by David Lucht

Batiks for Sale

Fine Art Created Using the Wax Resist Process of Batik All of David's artwork on this page is available for purchase online via the links provided.Artwork will be carefully packaged and shippe
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Unknown Champion watercolor StefanieGraves

Monthly Online Special

WINTER SPECIAL OFFER We are currently offering David Lucht's original batik "I'll Be!" at a special price special price. This piece is nicely framed (from a custom frame shop!) and ready for hanging.
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News from the Studio

Here's the latest news from the Artists of Cowango. Information about our recent shows, projects, workshops and other activities related to our creative life. Recent Posts (more&helli...
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The Artists of Cowango - and The Studios of Cowango

David Lucht – Batik / Surface Design

"Batik painting presents many challenges for me and the sense of exploration and adventure engage me as I pursue the skills required for its mastery." Purchase David's Art her...

Stefanie Graves – Watercolor

"I enjoy the freshness of watercolor and the spontaneity it affords while painting. Its fluidity aids the creativity, which I find especially pleasing." Purchase Stefanie's Ar...

Cowango Studio in Paducah, Kentucky

We established this studio in 2007 in the arts community of Paducah, Kentucky. We came here to be a part of the Lower Town Artists Relocation program. Through the efforts of the city, a community bank

Cowango Studio in Mexico

We also have a home in Alcocer, Mexico, just outside of the lovely colonial town of San Miguel de Allende. This home serves as a artist's retreat for us where we can get away and focus on producing ou...

Cowango Life

The Cowango Blog

the cowango blog Art with Impact

  • Remembering Raleigh
    by admin on June 22, 2020 at 5:09 pm

    Raleigh, NC was in the news today. About a hundred of their citizens pulled down a couple statues from the Confederate Monument in downtown Raleigh late Saturday night. I watched the video and was […]

  • Cowango Retreat 2019
    by dlucht on April 16, 2019 at 10:48 pm

    As we move forward with our art business we find it extremely useful to get away occasionally for a couple of days to focus on our future as artists. The last time we did so was in 2017 and at that […]

David’s Blog

Life in the Hyphen Connecting Art - Life

  • Unfolding the Moment
    by dlucht on December 22, 2020 at 4:28 pm

    Life in the Hyphen - Connecting Art - Life Our existence is not exclusively or even primarily utilitarian. Life is actually more about sensing presence. And tucked away between every bit of this semi […]

  • Unita Blackwell
    by admin on December 31, 2019 at 2:37 pm

    Life in the Hyphen - Connecting Art - Life The post Unita Blackwell appeared first on Life in the Hyphen.

Stefanie’s Blog

Accidental Truths Exploring the unexpected through watercolor

  • Artistic Inspiration
    by admin on March 17, 2019 at 3:16 pm

    I love taking walks on nature trails in the woods, parks, or desert scrublands. I recently was in Tucson, Arizona and had the good fortune to explore some of Sabino Canyon, an arid natural area on […]

  • Watercolor Workshop!!
    by SGraves on November 13, 2018 at 7:17 pm

    It’s been a while since I taught a watercolor workshop, but a couple weeks ago I sat down with 8 willing and eager participants at Ephemera Paducah to help them navigate the idiosyncrasies of all […]


Batik Accepted Into Regional Show

"A Pod Thing Happened" 27 x 37 $775 / Purchase this artwork! I just received notice that my batik painting "A Pod Thing Happened" was accepted into the 60th Mid-States Art Exhibition. I'm a little...

“The Madison”

Here is a commission piece I completed for a neighbor of ours in Paducah. I've lived a few blocks away from this building for 12 years. It took doing this commission to truly appreciate its stately f...
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