Facebook Fascination

I finally did it. I joined the Facebook nation, that social networking tribe of folks out there sharing both mundane (terminally) and enlightening insights across the web to their chosen group of friends. I’d seen it as a time suck (as one person aptly called it) but have begun to see it as a potential marketing tool for my art. The more friends you know the more people looking at your work and telling their friends, etc., etc.

So if you’re a Facebook person, you can find me there too. Send me an invite and we can get connected.

Dave and I are off tomorrow for an outing to Louisville to check out Kentucky Crafted, a state-sponsored show for Kentucky craft people for both the wholesale and retail market. There’s a similar show called Kentucky Market for visual artists. We’ll see what Crafted is all about. Maybe the snow will stop by then.

– Stefanie

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