Lady in Green

This weekend became super busy so I’m realizing that my painting a day may be a weekday painting a day.  If I get one or two done on the weekends, fine. But it may be just during the week. Keep tuning in.

We have sunflowers in the front and back of the house this year, in shades of yellow and orange. They stand tall and elegant in the sun in honor of their namesake. Last week my cat, Dove, became very intent sitting on her chair in my studio windows, and I knew there was something out there commanding her full attention. Just outside directly in front of the windows was a pair of goldfinches. The male flew away before I could get very many pictures of him, but his lady was determined to get her fill of her favorite food, and so I got several pictures of her. She’s kind of a greenish gray with hints of yellow. Just a little speck of brillance on an already radiant flower.

Lady Finch
Lady Finch

Watercolor on paper

5.5″ X 4.5″


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