A Place in the Sun

Across the Arroy
Across the Arroyo

I wanted to do a landscape today and so I thought of our village of Alcocer, where our casita is just outside of San Miguel. One of my favorite little scenes there is the small adobe building across the arroyo from us. It looks old but obviously has stood the test of time. I’m not sure how our neighbors use it, but when the sun begins to sink low to the horizon it hits the building in such a way that it lights up like a vision. I’m always mesmerized by it.

I’ve approached this in a fast and loose way, to get the feel of the place. It’s age, all the deep shadows caused by the thick scrubby vegetation of mesquite, huasache, and nopal cactus that are common throughout the area. I love the earthy tones and how the adobe reflects its surroundings.

Across the Arroyo

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