The Waterway

Cool Drink
Cool Drink

Maybe you can tell I’m missing Mexico. This is another view not far from our casita. Behind the pond in front just beyond us stretches a grazing field filled with cactus, scrub, and grasses that is used for cattle and livestock to graze. The villagers constructed an elaborate waterway many decades ago that consists of a series of ponds and connecting streams that ensure a ready source of water for their animals. The dam that keeps our pond in check is over 400 years old. So their ingenuity goes back a ways.

This is one of the streams that runs through the field. Dave and I like to explore there to look for wildlife and flowers, or any other thing that catches our fancy. The view stretches for miles to the north, the distant mountains part of the Sierra Madre that head south from the US border. From our vantage point we sit at around 7,000 feet, so while it looks as though we’re at a low elevation, in reality we exist on a high plateau of farmland and semi-arid scrub land with mountains all around us.

Cool Drink

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