Some Detail


I’m starting a commission of a charming scene with two small children walking through a wooded area along a path. From the picture I can tell it’s Spring with leaves freshly green, moss poking through the forest floor and a patch of glorious ferns in the foreground. The kids have light sweatshirts on and short pants so there might be just a bit of chill in the air.

Today’s painting is a bit of detail from the commission in preparation of the actual painting to be started in a day or so. I’ve sketched everything out on paper to begin, but before I do I wanted one go at the ferns to make sure of my approach. The last thing I needed was to start on the painting and get a green fussy blob in the right corner instead of loose, free ferns. They don’t need to be frond for frond like the photo, just a close enough likeness for the viewer to get the idea of leafy ferns bobbing along the path. So this is my study for the painting, and I have to say I’m reasonably happy with the result. It’s a nice, loose rendition of what’s going on in the photo. Now if I can just replicate this when I need to…..


Watercolor on paper

5.5″ X 4.5″


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