Sweeping the Clouds

Of The Sky
Of The Sky

I started painting my commission today so I needed something quicker than the images I’d chosen of scenes from Singapore. The guy on a bicycle cart will have to wait until I have a little more time for that complex composition. For today, I’ve pulled out an image from northern Florida, taken from the grasslands of Amelia Island a few years ago. Such a lovely place. We took lots of pictures of those marshlands with their endless sea of grass. There were egrets and great blue herons patrolling, ghost-like spirits silently sweeping through the clouds. Aren’t his shadows great against that dramatic sky?

Clouds are a little more challenging than they look. Lots of wet on wet and then layering subtle colors as they begin to dry. A little dab here and there with a dry paper towel to pick up color helps to lighten and soften areas to make the clouds have more dimension and character.

Of The Sky

Watercolor on paper

4.5″ X 5.5″


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