David Lucht Music: “Azure”

I recently released this collection of seven original songs. The name of the album “Azure” comes from loving the sound of the word, and also because it’s a favorite color of mine. In working on this music I realized something else, two classic albums I’ve always loved share the same theme via the color blue; Miles Davis’ “Kind of Blue” and Joni Mitchell’s “Blue”.
I can only tip my hat to those two artists and acknowledge the impact their artistry has had on me.

Album Tracks

Easy as You Please

You know there’s something in my eyes
That wasn’t there before
I can’t say I’m surprised
What happened to me wasn’t right
When I turned on that light.

“I can’t get used to losing you”
Was just was another country song
And now it’s everything
I heard it play on my device
And then I played it twice

It’s so easy
Shedding the skin of the life you were in 
Was easy
I don’t know why it’s so hard for you now 
To see me
When it’s easy as you please.

There comes a time for moving on
Another time for sitting tight
I can’t tell which is right
If I was to say done me wrong
It’d just be one more song

A partial tear is all it was
And yet this injury
Has done just what it does
It limits my strength and my reach
And my mobility

It’s not easy
Getting it back after weeks of rehab
It’s not easy
Soon I’ll forget all the work that it took
And it will seem 
Easy, easy as you please

I can’t put back the things I’ve seen
It seems you left them there for me
In my file drawer
They might have been hard to return 
But easier to burn

Don’t know who won the argument
One thing we both can surely see 
We lost that thing we lent
So easy to see it all now
No one knows why or how

It’s so easy
Sailing away under lavender skies
Was easy
Turning around to come back to this town
Can’t be
Easy as you please

Get it Sideways

You’re right I’m late
You pointed it out that’s great 
But you might just be getting it sideways

I might not be the best
But have you seen the rest
I know my number’s up 
When you look at me sideways

Made a plan for the weekend
Thought we could lose the lights a
And see the stars

Getting in my own way every time
Sometimes it seems that I’m
Always finding a way 
To get it sideways
With you

Stopped to shop for you
You know I hadn’t a clue
It’d be that hard to find the perfect present

Lost track of the time
Don’t you know that I’m
Here to make my confession

Of loving you and looking foolish
When all I brought you back 
Were two tickets for the sky

Getting in my own way every time
Sometimes it seems like I’m
Always finding a way to get it sideways

I’m a hopeless case
You should’ve seen my face
When you said on the phone
“Hey, screw you sideways!”

I know I’m to blame
Deserving every name
And I got to admit
You’re pretty inventive

Getting in my own way every time
Sometimes it seems like I’m
Always finding a way to get it sideways
With you

“Walk Into My Memory”
“The High Ohio”
“Song of Hope”
“Get it Sideways”