Glories in the Air

My little garden experiment came crashing down last week. I rigged up an arch over our back steps to support some Morning Glory vines. The vines took readily to it and grew across the arch, vigorous and abundant. I was so proud. The entire materials cost was something like ten bucks. By July we had to duck under them if we meant to exit the house in that particular direction. Then an early fall rain shower brought the whole contraption down. Apparently some flaw in my weight-to-structural-integrity-ratio sort of thing was going on there.

Anyway, I made an attempt to rescue it using a kind of rope as guy-wire approach but soon realized all was lost and tore up the vines and tossed them out back in a pile. The weird thing is that now for the last week they’ve continued to blossom every morning.

Its been a rainy week and that’s probably the real reason that those Morning Glory flowers keep popping open every day, transcendently blue as always and cheerful. But seriously, I ask myself, would other flowers do the same? The pile of zinnias I pulled up at the same time turned brown as expected with nary a trace of further florescence. I can only conclude that these Morning Glories are a phenomenon; miracle flowers with no roots in this earth. Here’s an afterglow of summer marking the sacred point when life moves out of the earth and into the air.

Morning Glories bloom on
Morning Glories bloom on
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3 Replies to “Glories in the Air”

  1. I wondered why the morning glories came down! I’m loving it that they’re still determined to bloom!!! Great writing…love the line “marking the sacred point when life moves out of the earth and into the air.” Pure poetry!

  2. Morning glories give credence to the notion of being “grounded in yourself”. Your narrative makes me thing of people I know who, at least to my impression, seem to be ungrounded, yet continue to thrive in this world.

    It is 6 AM and I should be thinking about coffee and toast. I should no better than to read your blog before 9 AM.

  3. Leave it to you Bill to think of something completely different. Seems like a perfectly appropriate reference for that image to me. Its not the direction I was heading but then that’s why I love getting off the Interstate.

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