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  • Radio Interview on Batik 2015

    Radio Interview on Batik 2015

  • Watercolor Workshop

    Watercolor Workshop

    Last month Stefanie conducted an intro to watercolor two-day workshop at Ephemera Paducah. It was a great experience, guiding eight students interested in learning how to control this challenging media. The workshop was all about learning technique, from mastering wet-on-wet, …Read More »
  • Travels in Europe

    Travels in Europe

    The artists of Cowango (that would be Stefanie and David) just got back from a three week journey to various spots in Northern Europe. Paris, Vevey, Bacharach, Groningen, Amsterdam and Iceland… all filled us with adventures and inspiration for the …Read More »
  • Show at 1857 Hotel

    Show at 1857 Hotel

    David Lucht is showing a large group of his work in exhibition at the 1857 Hotel in downtown Paducah, Kentucky. The work is both a retrospective representing nearly thirty years of his work in batik and a glimpse of his …Read More »
  • Greetings from Cowango!

    Greetings from Cowango!

    Thanks for visiting the Cowango website. If your are interested in purchasing our art you can follow the link next to the artwork. It will take you to our Facebook page where you can use PayPal to make your purchase …Read More »

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